Internal code: BIST    ID code: stavba 1372 (na parcelah 1107/3, 1107/6, 1107/11) in del stavbe 5239-2 (na parcelah 1107/10, 1107/14)

Bussiness building Zagrebška 76, Tezno, Maribor

Advertised price  (tax excluded) 8.000.000 €
Type Office
Plot size 4.458 m2
Net floor area (m2) 5.997 m2
Entergy certificate Merjena EI
Basic information • Adress: Zagrebška 76, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia • Cadastre: 680-Tezno, Building: no. 1372 (on parcels 1107/3, 1107/6 and 1107/11) and part of the building 5239-2 (on parcels 1107/10 and 1107/14) • built in 2009 • building (on parcels/land 4.458 m2) have 5.997 m2 in 5 floors: basement: 2.027 m2 ground floor: 992 m2 1st floor: 992 m2 2nd floor: 992 m2 3rd floor: 896 m2 + terrace 96 m2 = 992 m2 • easy accessibility • 65 parking places outside, 42 parking places inside • 2 elevators: panoramic + elevator to transport people and goods • building has glass facade • canteen in 3rd floor • each floor has print room, two meeting rooms, man and woman toilets, small kitchen and due to the glass barriers in the corridors … very bright and nice offices • big meeting room for 20 people with videoconferencing systems • classroom for 40 people • Number of working places: 290 • Land registry – with no encumbrances Energy/communication connections • heating on gas • cooling on electricity (air conditioners) • emergency power supply on UPS and diesel generator • optical connection for internet and telephony • fixed connection for INFRANET (security) • own data center (Lampertz) Security systems • reception • video surveillance system • fire protection system • anti-theft system • access control in all offices doors Offices in building • all offices have access control system on doors • in offices are regulator for heating/cooling • all lights are switched in dimmer system • all offices have ventilation system • double floor • carpeting in offices • on each work place are: 3 x electric outlets, 3 x UPS outlets, 3 x communications outlets

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Zagrebška ulica 76, Maribor, Slovenia
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